Wire binding services in Croydon, Surrey, Bromley, and London

Wire binding, also known as spiral binding, coil binding and wiro binding, is a cheap and secure way of binding documents or books. There are other types of binding such as comb-binding, perfect binding and saddle stitching. Wire binding is one of our most popular binding products as it is flexible, can rotate the pages at a 360 degree turn and lies flat and, therefore, makes easy viewing without bending and weakening the pages and spine. This type of binding involves threading a wire through a pre-cut hole on the paper and then clamping it. Wire binding is perfect for many things including wire bound diaries, wire bound notepads, wire bound presentation documents, wire bound dissertations, wire-bound projects, wire-bound proposals, wire-bound thesis, wire-bound reports, wire-bound portfolios, wire-bound manuals and wire-bound manuscripts.

We also offer saddle stitch binding.

If you are providing with artwork and would like a border-less book, please ensure that there is a 2mm bleed and your important content are within the safe zone to avoid any disappointments. Please refer to our FAQ about bleeds and safe zones. We at Lion Printers in Croydon, can advise you further if your art work does not include this.