Screen printing in Croydon, Surrey, Bromley, and London


Screen printing is the best form of printing on T-shirts or for a range of personalised products.

We are experts in screen-printing, spanning over many years and you can have confidence that we will deliver a high quality screen printing service at a competitive cost. You have the option of providing your T-shirts or we can supply them. Screen printing is a process done by hand which takes time. We would create a stencil of your desired design and then use plastisol, acrylic or water based ink (depending on the type of medium being printed on). Each colour on the design requires a screen so, for example, if you have a red and blue in your image you will need 2 screens.

We, at Lion Printers in Croydon, are very considerate of the environment and try our best to do our bit in helping to preserve it whenever we can. This is why we tend to use water-based inks as an environment-friendly alternative. Plastisol, another type of ink used for screen-printing, is easier to print on t-shirts. Unfortunately, it contains toxic PVC which can enter the water cycle and kill organisms. Water-based inks are a lot better in terms of printing quality but requires a lot more effort to print as water based inks can dry out on the screen on long runs. This means they need constant cleaning during runs in order to transfer ink onto the medium.

The advantage of having screen printed T-shirts and fabric is that the print is long lasting and offers a natural print look to the garments on both dark and light coloured materials, Furthermore, the ink is extremely resilient to washing and physical contact. Another advantage is that screen printing can also be done on a variety of materials such as wood, paper and fabric of any thickness. In fact, we are such huge fans of screen printing that we, at Lion Printers in Croydon, have screen printed our own business cards. We are also now seeing a trend in screen printed wedding invitations as each wedding invitation screen printed is unique in character.