Poster printing in Croydon

Covering the surrounding areas including Bromley, London, Surrey and Kent

At Lion Printers we are excited to provide poster printing in Croydon but we also serve surrounding areas such as Surrey, Kent and London. Our 64 inch wide format printer (1.6metres) prints with Eco Solvent Inks that last in direct sunlight for years and is fantastic for outdoors as well as indoor use. With our new CMYK and Light Cyan and Light Magenta ink technology we can produce better gradients and better flesh tones as well as vibrant and wider colour gamut, making the poster prints come to life and attracting the attention of Croydon.

Poster printing

Our posters, printed in our workshop in Croydon, are printed at 1400 DPI (Dots Per Inch) for higher detailed images and dense colours and can print posters in the sizes of: A4 posters; A3 posters; A2 posters; A1 posters; A0 posters; custom posters and we can print up to 1.55 meters and unlimited length posters!

Our posters are used with eco solvent inks this means that the prints are designed to last for years and can be used outdoor for your everyday signage and banners in Croydon. They are durable in all kinds of climates be it raining or scorching hot, our inks will not fade for years to come. We also print on vinyl and adhesive vinyl and we can also print on wall paper- our printers print 1.55 metres wide and unlimited in length- perfect for promoting your event in Croydon, London and beyond!

If needed, we can mount all posters in 5mm foam board for wedding seating plans or any photos, pop up displays, point of sales which adds strength and structure to the poster, making it easier to stand up. This is also done on-site in our workshop in Croydon.

Our posters are printed in Croydon on 210gsm semi-gloss poster paper for fantastic contrasting and popping colours bursting with life.  We also have 160gsm matt paper for those who need affordable poster printing like architectural drawings prints.


Popular uses of poster printing in London:

  • Student presentations poster printing
  • Conference presentation poster printing
  • Advertising promotions (special offers) or special events such as fairs, sports events, charity events, theatre/cinema film openings
  • Coffee shop and restaurant menus displayed at the front of house
  • Exhibitions and conferences stalls
  • Wedding seating plan
  • Directions within a building/area or maps
  • Exhibition plan for visitors
  • Architectural drawings and plans
  • Medical/scientific presentations
  • Networking events

Which poster print size is suitable for me?

A4 poster printing

These are ideal for getting your message across on a budget and cost-effective. These posters can showcase your event, product, work effectively, especially where space is limited. Our poster printers bursting with colours will ensure that your message will engage your target audience.  These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions.

A3 poster printing

A great way to advertise menus to customers at the front of house as well as promote any special offers currently available to your customers that will definitely catch their attention. These posters are also equally as effectively on display boards at an exhibition advertising your products and services as well as for displaying any seating plans/exhibition stand plans. These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions.

A2 poster printing

An excellent way to promote big events happening in your area or promote yourself at a business event. These posters can also be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so they are ideal for outdoor promotions. The vibrancy of the colours on the A2 posters are stunning and will guarantee to get you the exposure that you and your branding deserve!

A1 poster printing

If you have unlimited space available, a good budget and really want to capture everyone’s attention, then you might want to think about A1 posters. These can be used to communicate your message in a striking way and eclipsing your competitors. Ideal for advertising promotions and events in huge venues whether it be outdoors or indoors as there is the option to print these posters on vinyl/PVC plastic to withstand extreme weather.

A0 poster printing

If you are looking to capture the attention of passer-bys on the road, pavement or exhibitions and conferences to let them know of your product/service/event, then A0 poster prints would be ideal for you. These can be printed on vinyl (PVC) plastic so that you can advertise outdoors but printing on vinyl (PVC) plastic will mean that if you use them indoors, they will last even longer than posters printed on paper. If your event/service/product is running over a long period of time, you may wish to consider vinyl (PVC) plastic posters printing.

Posters printing bigger than A0- custom-sized poster printing

These monster poster prints will have everyone gawping at your poster. The sheer size combined with the dazzling array of colours jumping at your audience will ensure you make a lasting impression for all the right reasons. Our printers print posters with a greater vibrancy, density and detail that makes our posters even more spectacular to look at! We can print posters up to 1.55 metres wide and infinite length! We can customise poster measurements to suit your needs. If you really want to stamp out your competitors or ensure maximum attendance at your event, our large custom-sized poster prints could be what you are looking for! These posters are available on either paper or vinyl (PVC) plastic. If you are advertising outdoors or over a long period of time, the vinyl (PVC) plastic option would be more suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far in Advance Should We Order?

If you can order within 1-4 (depending on quantity) working days of expected delivery of your poster prints, that would be ideal, However, we also understand that life can take over and things as not in your control. This is why Lion Printers can also offer a same-day printing service on poster printing for those who need it. Contact Lion Printers of Croydon today if you have any urgent poster printing needs.

How should I submit my artwork?

Please ensure that your file has been converted into a PDF, EPS, JPEG or PNG. Refer to our FAQ: What File do we Accept, or give us a call or drop as any email for any questions. Once you have done this, just email it to us at outlining your requirements!

I don’t have any artwork ready, what should I do?

If your artwork is ready, that’s great and we can get to work with printing out your poster. If not, that is also no problem! We offer a fantastic Graphic Design service. Get in touch with our friendly staff at Lion Printers to discuss your poster design in greater detail.

What types of materials do you do poster printing on?

We can print posters on the following:

Paper poster printing: Ideal for advertising short-term and indoors, posters are printed on uncoated paper (160gsm) or poster paper (210gsm).

Vinyl (PVC) plastic poster printing:  As weatherproof posters, they are very durable, long-lasting.  Due to the Eco Solvent ink there will be no fading of colours for years. Our Posters are ideal for use outdoor or for advertising long-term indoor/outdoor.

We can also mount these poster on boards if required.


I am not sure if poster printing is the right product for my needs or what size I need?

We are more than happy to guide you on this. Give Lion Printers in Croydon a call or drop us an email today and discuss your poster printing needs. Whether you are looking for A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 poster printing or bigger.


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