Luxury Business Cards in Croydon

Covering the surrounding areas including Surrey, Bromley and London

When it comes to our business card printing, at Lion printers in Croydon, no business is too big or to small, we cater for everyone and aim to provide only the best quality luxury business cards.

Should you be looking to impress your customers, then our printing team can help, with a high understanding and experience in business card design and print we can advise you on hundreds of different papers, colours, thicknesses and designs that suit your type of business and audience. Simply call our team today.

Premium business card printing across Croydon

When it comes to your company’s business cards, we understand that it’s vital to get the right feel and impression from your card, as it’s important when considering your branding amongst your customers. Our business card printers recommend a paper that has texture or has been dyed as from experience, these products always look 100% better than something that was done via a litho or digital printer. The vibrancy and feel is unmatched and you will not be disappointed, for more information, contact us today.

Experienced business card printers and designers

We have a wide range of paper types available that are suited to your budget and business needs, our popular types at Lion Printers in Croydon including the conqueror and colorplan range. If you are looking to impress your clients, then at Lion Printers in Croydon, we have the necessary tools to do so. We can create screen printed, gold foiled and thick business cards (600-700gsm).

Due to the variety of paper and, therefore, price differences please call us in our Croydon office to discuss your needs in greater detail. At Lion Printers in Croydon, our expert staff will also consult you on our range of paper that will definitely increase your visibility.

If you are providing the artwork, please ensure that there is a 2mm bleed and your important contents are within the safe zone to avoid any disappointments. The standard dimensions of a business card in the UK is 55mm x 85mm please refer to our FAQ about paper sizes, bleeds and safe zones. Our team is more than happy to advise you further if your art work does not include this. Call or email us at Lion Printers for premium business card printing.

Bespoke business card design

If you require help with your personalised business card design, our team have the expertise to help turn your ideas into reality. With a selection of business card options available, you’re bound to find something that suits you. From a range of styles, colours and fonts, our professionals can help you create the perfect business card.

Why should I use business cards?

You will find that 9 out of 10 businesses use business cards, whether it’s to provide a method of contact for employees or just for the manager, they’re also highly effective for advertising. Potential clients can come from some of the most unexpected circumstances, so having a business card handy never fails. Just make sure that you always have a few cards in your purse or wallet, then you can never miss an opportunity to make sure that your business is not portrayed in an unprepared or unprofessional light. 

Business cards are one of the best printing materials, this is for a number of reasons, the main benefits of business card print are:

  • Small and handy print which can be stored easily
  • Cost friendly
  • Helpful in most situations
  • Great for providing a method of contact
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Boosted customer reach
  • Brilliant for meetings, conferences, offices, networking, etc.
  • No matter the business size, you’ll definitely need them to help showcase your company.

Call Lion Printers for luxury business card printing in Croydon!

Should you be looking for business card printers in Croydon, look no further, at Lion Printers our team of experts specialise in business card design and printing. At Lion Printers, we go the extra mile so you can rest assured you’ll receive the best quality business cards, call our team today.

We also provide a range of cheap, laminated, foiled and folded business cards.



 Why are business cards so important?

When it comes to business cards they are incredibly important for a number of reasons,  whether it’s issuing a method of contact for your clients, to waiting for you in your wallet should an unexpected client arise. You will be surprised at the impression a business card can leave on a client. You may expect to already have business cards and could be shocked if you do not have any to hand, whereas other may be impressed with your service when you offer a business card to them. So why not meet expectations in the middle, by having business cards ready at all times?

Who needs business cards?

It’s important for business owners or employees that deal with clients to have business cards. Whether you’re a web designer or a hairdresser, your staff should have business cards. Most business owners, managers or staff members who speak to multiple clients require business cards. Not only will they be used to provide contact information of your business, but they’ll also add credibility to your business too. Rather than having a phone number jot down on a piece of paper, your business cards adds professionalism to your business. So for any business owner, of any industry looking to be portrayed as credible and professional, business cards are definitely a requirement.

What do business cards need?

We believe that the basic requirements of a business card should include a business name, name of contact (staff member) and title, business address, phone number, email address, logo, website and an easy to read design. Try not to over pack your business cards, but if you have space, the next thing to add could be your social media links.