Why Business Cards Are Still Relevant in Today’s Digital Age

Orange business cards printing on 660gsm card

Ever met a potential client and you did not know how to approach them? Having business cards will solve such troubles for you. A majority of digital age people in the UK including Croydon, Bromley, Kent, London and surrounding areas fail to realise the value of business cards when interacting with their potential customers.

Walking straight to a potential client, then handing them your properly curated business card is a way to introduce yourself. This improves your first impression therefore creating a certain type of attention. Below are 10 pros of having business cards in the modern digital age.

Applicability of Business Cards

Red premium business cards printing on 300gsm on wove texture

  1. Indicate Professionalism – Even cheap business cards proves that you are professional. Creating that mental picture with your contact is vital in any business arrangement. This also indicates that you have something to show for what you are selling.
  2. A Guaranteed Mode of Advertisement All business cards contain company information including a list of services that you offer. You get to advertise yourself for free through your business card.
  3. The Design Of The Business Card Represents YouYour personality is conveyed through the design and colour choice of your business card. Simple and straight to the point people go for simple business cards printed on one side. On the other hand, detailed people go for meticulous cards. Our business cards come in all sorts of colours we also do gold foiling on our business cards, or if gold foiling is not to your taste we have every colour under the rainbow to suit your needs. Although there are many printing companies in the UK, ensure that you take the time to source professional printers to take care of your printing needs.
  4. Every Contact Expects Something to Hold Onto After Your Business Interaction –Although currently people give out their social media links, it is wise not to neglect the practicalities of a business card. The best way to get around this is to ensure that your printers/designers have incorporated your social media details onto your card prints.
  5. Business Cards Are Immediate – Your client comes into contact with your brand immediately as soon as you hand them your card. They don’t have to wait in line to know what you do; they don’t have to go online in search of your contact details.
  6. Business Cards Indicate Your Readiness to Do Business At Any Given Moment.
  7. Business Cards Are Bulk Convenient.
  8. A Business Card Is Effective Especially If Your Mode Of Operation Involves Interacting With People Directly– Having something tangible to hand out to your potential customer is an effective interaction not to be ignored.
  9. Business Cards Are Inexpensive to Have Or Rather They Are Cost Effective and a form of almost free advertising. Even cheap business cards printing can do the trick but a premium one will embed your branding further amongst clients. With a more luxurious texture that is rivalled by very few, it will be difficult for those cards to go unnoticed.
  10. Legitimisation – Owning a business card for your business assumes legitimacy. The details printed on the card legitimise your business and thus creates a good interaction with your target. Professionally printed business cards in Croydon by Lion Printers will ensure maximum interaction by your clients.

hammered textured 300gsm business cards printed in Croydon

Choosing the right printer is essential and for that reason Lion Printers in Croydon offers advice before printing business cards in Croydon. If you are looking for cheap and affordable business cards in Croydon your search is over. We print these at very affordable and convenient rates. Our services are available to Croydon, Bromley, Kent, Surrey,London and surrounding areasas well as the UK.

Who Are We?

We are a family-run business driven by the passion to offer excellent graphic design and print services within the UK. We follow ethics in our day to day tasks leaving our customers fully satisfied. Serving our customers’ interest is our main objective and this facilitates us to create and retain long lasting customer-based relationships. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers and hence guarantee full customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a print company that you can trust, Lion Printers in Croydon has got your back. We are based in Croydon, but our services extend beyond to areas such as Bromley, Kent, Surrey, London, surrounding areas as well as the UK.

What Type Of Business Card Suites Your Needs?

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Owing our experience to the number of years we have been active, we have encountered an array of consumer needs. This gives us insight into the type of business card that will work for you best.

To begin with, the business that you partake will ultimately determine the type of business card suitable for you. Each and every type of card printing in Croydon that we design and print offers its own unique advantages. There is no business card design that is better than the other, the best thing to do when choosing is to pick the one that suite you best. We can advise you on that for free.

Folded or Flat Cards?

When choosing between a flat and a folded business card, it is good to consider the following points:

  • How much information do you need added to your card?
  • Besides company details, is there any other extra message you would like to include?
  • Folded business cards work best with large amount of information.
  • Flat one sided business cards are best used to pass minimal and direct to the point information.

Our business cards come in all sorts of colours and textures. They are printed in Croydon with the following thickness specifications: 300gsm, 350gsm, 600gsm, 700gsm, and 800gsm.

Other specifications;

thick luxury business cards printing in Croydon

Why Work With Us

At Lion Printers and Designers, we completely take every detail into consideration ensuring that your wishes come true. Our work is timely with a realistic response time. Our customers’ needs are highly prioritised ensuring fulfilment to our promises.

We do not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that we deliver the best to our clients. Our ethos is tied around quality; quality design, quality print, and quality customer relations. Being a family run business, we keep our customers in a narrowly knit web. In fact we take our clients as part of the family. Our rates are second to none, bearing the quality of services offered. With us, you will get an even match to your spending. No pound will go unaccounted for.

Besides business card design and printing in Croydon, Bromley, Kent, London and surrounding areas, we also offer a wide range of printing and branding services. These includes but are not limited to: Labels & sticker printing, vehicle graphics, card & postcard printing, photocopying, binding & lamination, T-shirt & fabric screen printing, booklets, design services, envelope printers, product design services.

Are you in Croydon, Bromley, Kent, London and surrounding areas? If yes, please contact us today for a print experience of your life. Lion Printers in Croydon is the solution to all your print needs. Get value for your money; let quality be part of your life by contacting us today.

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