Bespoke Wedding Invitations in Croydon

Bespoke Wedding Invitations in Croydon

All You Need to Know

Something as simple and straightforward as wedding invite printing, or so you thought, can sometimes be a real test of patience.

If you’re just getting started with planning your wedding stationery printing, then there are a few things you need to know ahead of time – well before you even get down to planning your wedding order of service.

Truth be told: wedding printing can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re taking a stab at getting a4 wedding invites or a5 wedding invites printed for the very first time.  And it is a big deal, mind you; because if you botch up your wedding printed envelopes, you’re surely going to be disappointed with the guest turnout.

Quality Wedding Invitation Printing London – Why it’s Such a Big Deal

It’s very important to put a lot of thought and careful planning into wedding stationary printing because those lovely a6 wedding invites will be the first testament of hard work and dedication your guests will witness.

Bespoke wedding invitations communicate a lot to your guests actually – for instance, the mood you’re trying to set – be it classic, rustic, playful, formal or party. And, they also guide your guests in a subconscious way so as to how they should dress or how much they should cough up for your wedding gift!

Even if you have stylish embossing wedding invitations planned to wow your guests, but if the little intricacies and nuances are not considered, they will pretty much fall flat the moment they are opened. So if you’re not sure where to begin or what to consider to create the right impact with a quality wedding invitation, sit back, grab some coffee and take a read.

Consider Wedding Style

Location and time of day are both important indicators – however, the wedding style is far more important and points to the formality of the wedding. You should have a fairly good idea of how casual and relaxed, classic and elegant or glam and modern your wedding is going to be.

So before you even start considering stationary wedding invite printing options, go with an invitation style that complies with the theme of your wedding. Depending on the theme, gold wedding invitation printing may work really well as opposed to, say, an embossing wedding invitation. Once you have this narrowed down, you can approach your desired wedding printing business in Croydon and relay your inspiration.

Colours are of the Essence

Your wedding colours should be given careful thought and consideration because the same colours or similar ones at least are going to be on your printed wedding invitations.

In order to achieve a completely cohesive look, you need to integrate your main hues and a motif – that is, if you’ve chosen one – with your wedding invites and printed envelopes. This needs to be carried over to the rest of your wedding invite materials like menus, escort cards and ceremonial programs.

When choosing colours, always keep readability at the forefront. Even though cream, white or ivory card stock coupled with a gold font is considered a classic choice when it comes to formal invitations – there’s no harm brightening up those invites with paper stock, liners and envelopes along with metallic fonts.

Just to reiterate, gold wedding invitation printing works great in most cases – but that largely depends on how formal you want the wedding invitation to be.

Experiment with Different Shapes and Sizes

The traditional a4 wedding invite size generally works well although more couples today are experimenting with playful and modern vibes on their invites such as scalloped and circular shapes or large rectangular shapes.

However, do bear in mind that straying away from the traditional wedding invite size may add up postage costs. At the most, you might want to experiment with a5 wedding invite or a6 wedding invite sizes, but anything beyond will cost you extra. So if that’s not an issue, go right ahead.

Pay Attention to Legibility

Apart from colours and patterns, font size is another critical element to consider. You can certainly ask your order of service stationer to help in this regard but generally speaking – you’d want to avoid using light ink against light backgrounds or dark ink against dark backgrounds for that matter.

Should you choose yellow or pastels, keep in mind that they can be difficult to read – ensure that the background adds plenty of contrast so that the words pop. In addition, you’d want to avoid hard-to-read fonts altogether such as dramatically scripted typefaces. Pretty letters aren’t worth much if they can’t be read properly.

 A Word to the Wise

Pick your words wisely and learn some basic rules around effective wedding invitation writing. For instance, the host should be listed at the top of the invitation. As customs dictate, everything needs to be spelled out – everything, including the starting time of the ceremony.

On traditional wedding invites, you may have noticed how there is always a request line right after the host’s name – a line which says something like “Brian requests the honour of your presence”. The hosting situation can change on the go, so the wording needs to change accordingly. Make sure everyone that should be included is there on the invitation.

Avoid Overcrowding

Stick to the essentials: time and location of the wedding; the hosts; your name along with your fiancé’s, RSVP info and the dress code, if need be.

Attempting to squeeze too much information cannot only be difficult to remember but also takes away from the elegance of a wedding invitation card. Therefore, things like directions to the wedding venue or registry information should be listed on a separate enclosure card – as for the latter, preferably your wedding website (yes, many couples have one to make it convenient for guests to stay in the loop).

Finally, the last thing you want to do is find a reliable wedding stationary printing business in Croydon or Bromley – one that is closest to your area of residence and has a proven track record of printing bespoke wedding invitations.

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