Printing on recycled paper – a growing trend

Printing on recycled paper – a growing trend

Brown Kraft Card printed with white foil

Going completely paperless is one of the top environmental goals of the decade for businesses, but unfortunately, we are far from achieving it. Although digital signatures are accepted and some paperwork can be kept exclusively in digital form, companies still have to keep physical copies of some documents. Besides, promotional business materials such as business cards and stationery still need to be printed, so the question is: how can businesses help the environment and reduce the amount of paper waste? The answer is simple: printing on recycling paper. This trend has become very popular in the past decade, especially in the UK, which already recovers 81% of paper for recycling, and brings great benefits not only for the environment, but also for businesses that follow it. Is your printing company still using non-recycled paper? Here’s why you should change providers:

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Recycled paper contributes to improving the environment

A few sheets of paper might not seem like the most harmful thing in the world, but the truth is that the paper production process has a tremendous impact on the environment. Even a small business consumes a lot of paper and mass processes such as printing wedding invitations or wedding stationary literally destroy hundreds of forests. According to an Australian study, one tonne of recycled paper saves 15 trees, 30,000 litres of water and 4,100 kilowatts, so switching to recycled paper printing is simply the ethical and sustainable thing to do.

Recycled paper is high quality

One of the biggest myths about recycled paper is that it’s not as white or as durable as virgin paper. In other words, poor quality. However, things have changed since thirty years ago when recycled paper production began. Nowadays, producers use state of the art technologies to recycle paper and quality assurance is mostly computerised to ensure that every sheet of paper is crisp white, free from impurities. In fact, thanks to the latest enhancements in papermaking, you cannot tell the difference between virgin and recycled paper. You can print anything on it, from wedding invitations to business cards, and they will look just as flawless. The ink will not smudge (provided that you use a quality printer as well, of course), it will not fade after a while and the paper will not tear more easily.

Using recycled paper creates an ethical business image

Recycling and waste management aren’t only a matter of environmental protection. They can help you create a better business reputation as well. Modern clients are more aware of environmental issues than ever before and not only do they try to recycle themselves, but also have high expectations from service providers. Before working with a printing company, they want to know if they use recycled paper and they are more likely to consider this as a differentiating factor between two suppliers, even when prices are the same. Printing companies that use recycled paper have a better reputation, they are seen as more environmentally responsible and more trustworthy and will soon become the standard in the printing industry.


Recycled Paper for business & wedding stationery

With today’s technology we have hundreds of different textures and colours of recycled paper to compliment anyone’s needs, the uniqueness is unparalleled and is even considered a premium paper among consumers and printers. Brown Kraft paper for example has a unique feel and look, as the brown colour is naturally formed during the process and is unbleached making this even more environment friendly! it has many uses from menus, business cards to packaging and we have had some clients at Lion Printers in Croydon use them as their wedding invites and order of services. We at Lion Printers are proud to use Kraft recycled paper for our business cards!


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